Transformers: The Next Generation

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 My Autobot Charries

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PostSubject: My Autobot Charries   Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:01 pm

Name: Articfang
Optic: light green
Gender: femme
Faction: Autobot
Paint color: dark aquamarine with gold stripes
Transformation:Sky/Water based dragon
Rank: former LEader/warrior
Family: mother-deceased,Starburst-sister,Wingflare-niece
Love: none
Crush: has a crush on a autobot but is unknown who
History: Articfang and Starbrust grew up together and were trained as warriro though both took diffirent paths. Articfang took the one in supporting the Autobots, wanting nothing more then to bring peace to Cybertron and the universe which she eventually formed her own team and led them to try and help the resistance against the Decepticons. But she one day went missing, beleved to be dead after an incident that costed the lives of her team. Now it is unknown where she turns up or if she is still alive.

Name: Tundra
Optic: Icy Blue
Gender: Femme
Faction: Autobot
Paint color:snow white with black spots
Transformation:snow leopard/snow owl fuzor
Rank: Scout/Aerial recon
Family: WIngdive Wintersog-sisters, Talon-brother
Love: None
Crush: none
History: Not much is known about this flying feline only that she is new to Cybertron and prefers to keep to herself. She has only been around on Cybertron equal to one earth year, but at this point it is unknown whether she will join the Autobots fully or keep a loner. The only thing though is she has a dislike for the Cybertronians which strike the others as her either being odd or she was something else before she came to CYbertron.

Name: Meteorshower
Optic: Dark amber
Gender: Mech
Faction: Autobot
Paint color:dark orange with black stripes and bits of white
Transformation:LArge siberian tiger
Rank: MArksman
Family: none
Love: none
Crush: none
History: One of the more older Cybertroians Meteorshower is a vetaran and one familiar with war. He isn't from CYbertron but frm one of the lost colonies that he dares not say is, nor does he ever wish to give the location of his home unless it is truly needed. Since he was young in teenage eyars he has always practiced his marksmanship and is fairly decent in his aiming. Now as an older warrior he does his best to train the yonger bots in the meaning of keeping their heads up, never to let a loss bring them down.

Name: Nightscream
Optic: blue-grey
Gender: mech
Faction: Autobot,former decepticon
Paint color:dark blue with blood red
Transformation: modified Sukhoi Su-35
Personality: He is more of a loner though has a great sense of honor, unlike most of the Decepticons he once fought with. To this day he prefers to keep alone and is rarely seen around the other younger warriors.
Rank: Former second in command,Air commander, rouge
Family: Thundercracker and Skywarp-brothers, JOlt-mini con partner
Love: none
Crush: tends to avoid such things
History: Nightscream first started out as the second in command to a tyrant once known as Megatorn then was later called Galvatron and for millions of years served under his command. But later he became fed up with the constant beatings and being told he was worthelss, resulting in him joining the Autobots and befriending a human named Alexis. For a while he stayed wiht them until being convinced, with great reluctance, to return to the Deceptiocns and stayed there until trying to convicne Galvatron an alliance between the factions was the only way to defeat Unicron. However to prove it was needed he ended up sacrificing his own Spark to make a point. After that everything is a blurr to him, not knwoing allelse that has happened. Now Nightscream stays with the Autobots but only rarely will he show up.
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Posts : 104
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PostSubject: Re: My Autobot Charries   Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:02 am

Name: Silverbolt
Optic: gold
Gender: mech
Faction: Autobot,former Maximal
Paint color:dark grey,silver,red on his chest, some brown
Transformation:Timber wolf/eagle fuzor
Personality: Silverbolt is chilvarious to femmes no matter what faction and can be quite laid back. But if he feels friends or femmes are in danger he will make an effort to stop the attacker no matter the cost.He has a poetic speech and is very noble, the very symbol of the old knights.
Rank: Aerial Assault
Family: None
Love: Once Blackarachnia(beast wars)But he has not seen her since his reactivation
Crush: at this point none
History: Silverbolt was first activated from a stasis pod during the Beast Wars, soemtime taken place on Prehistoric Earth. He for a while wa spart of the Maximals even falling for the PRedaocn Blackarahcnia who both were once PRedaocns then became MAximals. They returned to Cybertron but Silverbolt was corrupted by a vrus by the BEast Wars Megatorn who had control of Cybertorna nd wa sknown as the vehicon general Jetstorm. After being changed to a Techno-organic OCndor by Blackarachnia he fought once more with the MAximals and after Megatorn's efet helped reactivate CYbertron.From then it is unknown what happeend but he was found by a dead tree deep wihtin CYbertorn where he was reactivated, taking on his old form and now helps the Autobots but he still searches this day for his lost love, trying to not believe she is dead.

Name: Snowfire
Optic: Forest green
Gender: Femme
Faction: Autobot
Paint color:snow white with black cyberglyph etchings in the armor
Transformation:ALbino wolf save for the black glyphs that appear on her fur
Personality: Snowfire is one of the older bots during the time of the PRimes, though she was very young then and now is very calm minded and kind, willing to train the younger bots when she can.Despite this however she is quite cautious an soemtiems keeps to herself.
Rank: Currently retired/teacher
Family: Tundra,Wintersong,Wingdive-daughters,Talon-son
Love: ex-mate-Nightshadow
Crush: none
History: Snowfire was around during the time of the PRimes but was only a sparkling then. During her younger years she trained among the cyber-ninjas under the one known as Star Saber who she lost in a battle and eventually ran away fromt eh Dojo, never completeing her training.Fromt hen on she trained other places and eventually returned to Cybertron now a retired a soldier of the war and only teaches the younger bots what she knows. But it is unknown where she went during her absense after runnig away.

Name: Wingdive
Optic: pale green
Gender: femme
Faction: Autobot
Paint color:creme white and light grey
Transformation:Peregrine Falcon
Personality: She is a very energetic young femme and very optimistic, even despite her change. THough she has become quite confused and still learning her new transformation as a cybertronian.
Rank: Aerial Recon
Family: Tundra,Wintersong-sisters,Talon-brother,Snowfire-mother
Love: none
Crush: none
History: It is unsure where Wingdive is from or how she ended up like she is.The only thing known is she has a lot to learn and she still is young, which is why she is also still learning her new cybertronain body. BEsides this she was seperated from ehr siblings,, beleived to have been dead by her older sister Tundra.
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My Autobot Charries
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