Transformers: The Next Generation

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 I love me them pineapples!

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PostSubject: I love me them pineapples!   Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:28 pm

Okay, so I noticed that you guys were posting up posts about yourselves and I figured, "Eh, what the heck." So I'm doing it too.

So anyway, as you guys know, I'm Jessie. You'll get no other personal information than that. I don't have any other nicknames you'd like to call me. I think 'Jessie' is just fine.
Sorry, I kinda sounded pushy there. Well, if you know me, you should know I don't usually talk like that. I don't know what's gotten into me today.

So hi~
This is the part where I usually list all the fandoms that I like, but since there are so many and since they change so often, I decided to drop it. If you know me well enough, you should already know what I like.

Oh, did I say I wasn't going to give any personal information? Well, I lied. Don't get too hopeful, though. It's only my hobbies I'm going to list.
You guys can probably already guess what I like, but I'm going to list them anyway. Obviously, I like drawing. If you didn't know that, punch yourself in the face.... (I'm just kidding. Still do it, though. 8D ). I also like horseback riding, but I don't often get an opportunity to since my community forbids livestock animals, and horse camps are kinda far from my house. I also love writing too. Especially fanfics, since I'm too fail to think up a universe of my own (plus, it's fun to write about canon characters, as long as you don't get sued or anything). There are some people out there in the world who think a decent fanfic is a ridiculous, interweb talk (i.e. 'u' or 'ur' or '2' for too and to, etc.) fanfic with horrible writing talent about their favorite characters (usually male) with their shirt off doing a cameltoe in public or making out with their lame mary-sue OCs (oh, you're one to diss mary-sues, Jessie). Most people, including me, strive to write serious fanfics with plots that make sense and are hopefully epic to the general eye. But yes, I know, my fanfics aren't usually the prettiest things to read (As I might be responsible for that gooey red stuph dripping out of your eyes.. or brain... even your nose maybe). And whoa, wasn't this paragraph big? Congrats if you actually read all of it~ (if you skipped, shame on you).
Haha. Jk.
Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. Anyway, heeey~
And thanks for reading!
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I love me them pineapples!
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