Transformers: The Next Generation

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 JoKaHHHH's Autibawts.

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PostSubject: JoKaHHHH's Autibawts.   Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:49 pm

Name: Firebolt
optic: Red
Gender: Male
Faction: Autobot
Paint: Jet black armor with a little red mixed into it.
Transformation: Bengak Tiger and a Leopard
Rank: Warrior
Family: Parents killed when little, Darkbolt brother
Love: None
Crush: None
History: When Firebotl was little his parents were killed in front of hima nd his older brother. he had to strive to stay alive as a young mech. but as the years went by he began getting stronger and joined an Autobot team led by Articfang Prime.

Name: Optimus Prime
Optic: Blue
gender: male
faction: Autobot
Paint: Blue and red
Transformation: A semi truck
Rank: Leader
Family: Not Quite sure
Love: None
Crush: Has a crush on an Autobot name not mentioned
History: I dont know much about him accept he is the leader of the Autobots.

Name: Darkbolt
Optic: Green
Gender: Male
Faction: Autobot
Paint: All black accept for a few spots that are dark blue
Transformation: A mountain Lion
Rank: Warrior
Family: Parents were killed when little, Firebolt Brother
Love: None
Crush: None
History: When Darkbolt was little his parents were killed in front of him and his younger brother Firebolt. He and his brother had to strive of the land as young mechs, but managed. years after his brother joined an Autobot team he decided to join as well. Not to long after he joined he turned ont eh team and soon was killed. He returned and was reunited woth the team and has been loyal to everyone since then.
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JoKaHHHH's Autibawts.
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