Transformers: The Next Generation

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 Mars [Rogues/Psychos XD] Wanted Dead or Alive

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PostSubject: Mars [Rogues/Psychos XD] Wanted Dead or Alive   Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:17 pm

*Warning! Threat to all factions. Kill on sight.*

"You're all going to die anyways."

Optics ;;

Gender ;;

Faction ;;
Former Decepticon; Currently a wanted criminal.

Paint color ;;
Gold, Black, Tan, Red, Grey

Alternate Mode (Transformation) ;;
Robotic Jaguar

Rank ;;
Wanted Criminal / Cold Blooded Killer

Family ;;
No Family Recorded.

Love ;;

Crush ;;

History ;;

Once upon a time - Soulkeeper was in his right mind. He wasn't always the cold blooded murderer that the factions are all-too familiar with today. Most bots know his name- a good deal fear it. Bounty hunters know it, and actually look for this beast to claim a price on his head.

Soulkeeper was once a Decepticon Assassin, and one of the best. He went to great lengths to impress his all powerful leader, Megatron. He truely believed that the Decepticons were right- that they were superior to the Autobots and that they could and would rule over the galaxy.

As Decepticon Scientists approached him with a new breakthrough in their technology, they requested that they allow him to test it on him. They promised it would up his power to great heights- and they thought it would. Interested in that, he agreed.
Sadly, something went... Well, completely wrong. Soulkeeper's alternate mode was drastically changed, and so was his mindset.

Logs from the scientists report that he began to act as if he were crazed; possessed, even. The last log reported by one scientist ended in the screen flashing black as glass shattered and horrified shrieks echoed in the background.

Soulkeeper had completely and utterly appeared as if he had lost his mind; something... evil, seemed like it was clouding his judgement.

The Decepticons lost one of their best assassins, and gained a fearsome enemy that day.

There are very few survivors when he attacks, but, on occassions, Soulkeeper has spared their life. But, they also report that the beast seemed like he were fighting an inward battle for control over something, only giving them enough time to flee from him. Some think it's true that he's a possessed beast.
Soulkeeper has a high bounty on his head.
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Mars [Rogues/Psychos XD] Wanted Dead or Alive
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