Transformers: The Next Generation

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 Human information form

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PostSubject: Human information form   Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:49 pm

Explanations are here if you need help

Name: obvious
Age: How old he/she is
Gender: Male or female
Eye Color: Blue, green, etc
Skin tone: Dark, tan, etc
Hair color: Brown, black, blonde etc
Fashion: A quick description about the close that they wear
Personality: How do they act most of the time? *If they are a transformer you can repost or state back to your post of the transformer information*
Family: siblings, mother, father, etc
Offspring: Son or daughters?
Crush: Do they have a hidden secret about a certian someone?
Lover: Do they already love someone? If no say none.
Past: A quick description about their history
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Human information form
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