Transformers: The Next Generation

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 We Are Guided By Our Sparks... (Jessie's Autobots)

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PostSubject: We Are Guided By Our Sparks... (Jessie's Autobots)   Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:15 am

Jessie's Autobots

Name: Caneroth (awww yeah~)
Optic: Light teal
Gender: The Oh-so loveable malebot~
Faction: Autobot... durpdurp. Why else would he be here?
Paint color: His main color is golden yellow with small details in burnt umber (basically, a dark dark brown)
Transformation: Buckskin Stallion
Rank: Formerly a sniper commando (hard to believe, isn't it?) But he had to quit after a year and a half due to a serious injury that nearly left him with one arm. He's now sort of an Autobot warrior/sniper, as his skills haven't faded.
Family: He has two cousins, Whitebell and Typhoon (deceased). He never knew who his father was, but was raised by his mother, Tsia (deceased). He's beginning to wonder whether he has any siblings or not...
Love: Not yet.
Crush: Yes, he indeed DOES have a crush. But if you think I'm going to tell you, then laugh at yourself.
History: He was born to a rather small family, with half his related bloodline unknown. He spent much of his time with his younger cousin, Whitebell, who he treated like a younger sister. However, he had a rougher relationship with his older cousin and Whitebell's sister, Typhoon. He had a normal sparklinghood, but then became a sniper commando at a very startling young age but had to leave when a decepticon sniper took out a chunk of his shoulder in a fateful blow. His shoulder was all healed up thanks to the advanced medical team that was there, but rejoining the team was out of the question. He relocated on Earth and met up once again with Whitebell ("It' must've been DESTINYYY") and now spends his time as a carefree Autobot, but won't hesitate to come at the call of duty.
Favorite Quote: It's not what's on the outside that counts, unless you're ugly enough to blind someone...

Name: Silvercrescant (Silvercrest)
Optic: It can switch from dark blue to gold (depending on which mode he's in)
Gender: Malebot
Faction: Autobot
Paint color: Mostly white with black tiger stripes (hence his transformation)
Transformation: White tiger
Rank: He's the commander of a small special tasks group used to infiltrate enemy bases, spy on important happenings, etc.
Family: His parents were highly respected generals who were often away at war, so Silvercrest and his brother Emberwave were raised in nurseries. And like I said just then, Emberwave is is older brother. His mate is Whitebell, and his son is Exlimir.
Love: Whitebell (obviously)
History: During his sparklinghood, Silvercrest never really had anyone to bond with except for his older brother. When they both grew, they both joined into the Autobot military. They both supported eachother during this time, especially when Emberwave was promoted. However, when their base was invaded, Silvercrest fought to defend the dying base and made it out alive. His brother did too, however he had... changed. Silvercrest still longs for Emberwave to return to his previous Autobot life, but has now gotten over it.
Favorite Quote: So long as there is light, there is shadow.

Name: Whitebellina (Whitebell)
Optic: Pale blue
Gender: Fembot
Faction: Deception. JUST KIDDING~ Autobot.
Paint color: White with a teal mane and tail.
Transformation: White Arab Mare.
Rank: Whitebell was and still is part of a group called the Warrioresses of the Blade. Her older cousin, Typhoon, was the leader of this band of fembot warriors who artfully use swords in combat. However, upon her death, Typhoon's last request was for Whitebell to take her sword and claim Typhoon's rank. To this day, Whitebell is still the leader of the Warrioresses of the Blade.
Family: Older cousin, Caneroth; Older sister, Typhoon; her mother was an Autobot and her father was a loner; her mate is Silvercrest, and her son is Exlimir (I'm just repeating now, y'know?)
Love: Silvercrest
History: Whitebell's mother was often away, serving her duty, while her father (not being an Autobot) was not allowed to see his children. When she grew up, she became part of the Warrioresses of the Blade and fought with her sister until the fateful day her sister was felled by the hands of the decepticosn. After acquiring her sister's sword and rank, Whitebell swore vengeance upon the decepticons who had killed her sister. Tirelessly she and her Warrioresses hunted down the decepticons until they too were silenced. After that, Whitebell was chased down by a larger group of decepticons and fled to Earth, where she has been staying ever since.
Favorite Quote: Special moments are just like sunsets. They never last long before the darkness sets in.

Name: Exlimir
Optic: Bright green
Gender: Malebot
Faction: Autobot
Paint color: Teal with tiger stripes and large turquoise wings.
Transformation: A small teal tiger with turquoise wings
Rank: Nothing yet, he's still sort of a sparkling.
Family: Parents- Whitebell and Silvercrest.
Love: Not yet
Crush: Not yet.
History: Exlimir doesn't have much of a history yet. He was born, lived with his parents at the Autobot base on Earth, and has begun walking about in the outside world and learning of its aspects.
Favorite Quote: If birds can fly, why can't I? (Exlimir talking to Whitebell when she won't let him fly)
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We Are Guided By Our Sparks... (Jessie's Autobots)
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