Transformers: The Next Generation

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 The Universe Shall Know Fear... (Jessie's Decepticons)

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PostSubject: The Universe Shall Know Fear... (Jessie's Decepticons)   Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:33 pm

Jessie's Decepticons

Name: Emberwavern (Emberwave)
Optic: Dark Red/Gold
Gender: Malebot
Faction: Decepticon
Paint color: Jet Black
Transformation: Black Panther
Rank: Decepticon Mercenary
Family: Silvercrest-brother (see further family info in Silvercrest's bio since I'm lazy)
Love: Moonflower
History: Emberwave was born an Autobot, but one day when his base was attacked by Decepticons, he was made a horrific deal- Either he switched sides and betray his blood faction, or the Decepticons would take the life of his brother. So in order to save his younger brother, he became a Decepticons. He won't voice outloud whether he has regretted his decision, but nobody will know what goes on in his mind.
Favorite Quote: Failure is an option. It's the option for the weak and worthless.

Name: Kiva
Optic: Lavender
Gender: Fembot
Faction: Decepticon
Paint color: Dark Purple with silver details.
Transformation: Chevy Cobalt.
Rank: Elite Decepticon spy
Family: She has a daughter named Icewave. She has no memory of her parents.
Love: Starscreammm~
History: When Kiva first started as a Decepticon spy, she helped her faction greatly by revealing Autobot plans and such. One day, however, she was ambushed by Autobots with her father. Her father was killed and she was captured. The Autobots, being Autobots, decided to spare her and try to give her a second chance. They wiped her Decepticon memories and added in a false Autobot life, trying to make her believe she had been Autobot all her life. However, after crashlanding on Earth, her old 'erased' memory was jarred back to life and she suddenly remembered who she was. Not a filthy Autobot, but a strong Decepticon. Angered that the Autobots had tried to hide her from her real self, she sought revenge on them and returned to becoming a Decepticon spy. However, the memory of her father died away because of the Autobot's attempted 'purging'. But he was not completely gone from her mind, whenever she thinks back, she can feel a deep sorrow for something.. she doesn't know why.
Favorite Quote: Those who underestimate provide open arms for failure.

Name: Brightspark
Optic: Natural Red
Gender: Fembot
Faction: Decepticon
Paint color: Gold, black and silver.
Transformation: Vixen (female fox)
Rank: She's still very young, so she's kind of a Decepticon warrioress in training.
Family: She has a brother named Turnspark, her parents are Emberwave and Moonflower, etc.
Love: None yet.
Crush: Spiderfang
History: There's nothing much happening in Brightspark's life. Since her mother is Autobot and her father Decepticon, she had to be born out in the forest so that no one would notice. She and her brother Turnspark lived with Moonflower until they were old enough to wander the forests on their own. She then began to spend more time with her father, confirming her loyalty to her father's faction.
Favorite Quote: Everywhere there are wonders and yet the world is too thick to see it!
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The Universe Shall Know Fear... (Jessie's Decepticons)
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