Transformers: The Next Generation

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 Slim's 'cons <3; (will probably be adding more along the way~!)

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PostSubject: Slim's 'cons <3; (will probably be adding more along the way~!)   Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:03 pm

...she felt it...everyday...but I couldn't help her...
Name: Lazerwave
Optic: red
Gender: Fembot
Faction: Deception
Paint color: gray, light blue, purple, black
Transformation: jet
Rank: experienced fighter in flight
Minicon/Partner: Thorn - minicon
Weapon(s): blasters
Power(s): flight
Sibling(s): none
Mother: none
Father: none
Other family: Starscream and the other clones
Mentor: none
Apprentice: None
Sparklings: none
Love: none
Crush: None
History: Lazerwave came online after Starscream made a bunch of clones of himself. She was the only female, although she didn't take much orders from Starscream and did mostly what the other clones did. She serves one purpose, and that is to fight for her faction, and maybe one day reach a higher rank. Lazerwave hates thorn bushes, and kicking one, one day, met a minicon hiding there that became her's, named Thorn...Lazerwave regrets every moment of kicking that thornbush...
Theme song: Nobody's home by Avril Lavigne

Love me or hate me it's still an me or hate me, that is the question...
Name: Thorn
Optic: red
Gender: Fembot
Faction: Decepticon
Paint color: Black, dark green, light green
Transformation: small cat
Rank: minicon
Minicon/Partner: Lazerwave - partner
Weapon(s): claws/talons
Power(s): (if being annoying counts 8D)
Sibling(s): None
Mother: None
Father: None
Other family: None
Mentor: None
Apprentice: None
Sparklings: None
Love: None
Crush: None
History: Ever since Lazerwave kicked a thornbush, Thorn decided she found a bot she could leech onto. She traveled with Lazerwave on many missions and enjoyed making fun of her, just to simply get a reaction and be filled with entertainment. Thorn is a decent fighter, but she's not as good as Lazerwave expects her to be. Thorn makes fun of everyone but herself, but sometimes when she's made fun of she can laugh....although it's not often.
Theme song: Love me or hate me by lady sovereign

Intoxicating...with the badness...I'm in love sadness...
Name: Spiderfang
Optic: orange
Gender: Malebot
Faction: decepticon
Paint color: black, purple and red
Transformation: fox
Rank: apprentice
Minicon/Partner: none
Weapon(s): crowbar (yes, that's his practice weapon, orz)
Power(s): None
Sibling(s): None
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Other family: None
Mentor: Unknown
Apprentice: None
Sparklings: none
Love: none
Crush: Brightspark
History: Spiderfang's parents were both weak and small decepticons who were killed in battle by the time he was born. Spiderfang has been managing on his own in the faction since, training with his mentor quite often. He knows the basics of decepticon life and tries his best even though he often falls behind because of his size and his inherited weakness in battle. Overall, he can be nasty, but generally chooses not to. Spiderfang hopes to be a scout or have a job in the faction that doesn't require him to fight.
Theme song: Zero by smashing pumpkins
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Slim's 'cons <3; (will probably be adding more along the way~!)
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