Transformers: The Next Generation

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 A New Generation Arises...

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PostSubject: A New Generation Arises...   Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:09 pm

War ravages planets, some last for eyars and die down while others consume it to where it is nearly impossible to escape an endless fight. As is the fate of the planet known as Cybertron, home to the robotic empire of the Transformers. Centuries have come and gone, with only so many years of peace before the war is again ignited, pulled into millions of years of warfare. Leaders of the Autobot and Decepticon factions have risen then fallen, honored by those they were close to. Those that survive question if the war will ever end, if things will change to where there is no more war, no more death.

Yet, when darkness consumes the hearts of those who lose any signs of hope there is a light in the darkness, a new generation rises from the ashes of past battles to take the torch of their ancestors. These new warriors now have the chance to correct what has been done, start anew of the ravaged planet they love so dearly. Yet it has become known the war wasn't just on Cybertorn, but beyond it's once great cities, causing some planets to fear the return of the Transformers while others rejoice at the chance of a peaceful compromise between the old factions.

However, there is a still much deeper histories and stories long forgotten, colonies lost from the mother colonies of Cybertron. These are the lost factions, ones spread out among the planetsand galaxie that seem to be far out of reach. Yet is it possible they could once again be reunited with something they believedto be gone years ago?
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A New Generation Arises...
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